How to pair and set up watch?

Here are the steps on how to connect your watch to your phone.

  1. Please download the FitCloudPro app on Google Play or App store.Or scan the QR code in the attached picture to download the app.
  2. Register, or sign in to the FitCloudPro app as a guest.
  3. Select "Device" --->Select "+Add peripheral Now"
  4. Select your fitness tracker to complete the connecting


 How to charge the battery?

This is magnetic charging.

Please charge it with the magnetic USB charger cable provided with the device.

The charger will magnetically attach to the metal contact on the backside of the watch to charge.


How to change the language to English?

Here are the steps on how to change the language:

  1. Pull down the watch screen to enter the quick settings menu.
  2. Click the "language"
  3. Select "English".

How to change the weather to Fahrenheit, kg to lbs, and km to miles?

After connecting the watch, you can change the temperature and other units of the watch through the app.

Steps: Open the FitCloudPro App--> Me --> Unit Prefer --> Set units for length, weight or temperature


How to get messages notification?

Please download the FitCloudPro app and connect the watch.

Here are the steps on how to turn on the Notification reminder:

Open the FitCloudPro app-->Device-->Push Notification-->Enable all reminders.


How to get 24/7 heart rate and bp?

Here are the steps on how to turn on the automatic monitoring function:

Steps: Open the FitCloudPro app-->Tap "Device" -->" Automatic Health monitor" -->Enable and set time range.

Then the device will automatically detect BP and Heart Rate every ten minutes.

You can check the historical measurement data of BP and Heart Rate in the FitCloudPro app.


How to calibrate the BP so it reads more accurately?

If you have the data from a professional BP testing device, I do suggest you fill the data into the FitCloudPro APP. Because they will be the reference data for the fitness tracker, and the monitoring data from the fitness tracker will be more accurate.

You can calibrate the blood pressure via the FitCloudPro app.


Go to app(FitCloudPro)==>click the "Me"==>Tap your Avatar==>Input your Bp to"Private BP Mode"==>set your own data.